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The Most Powerful Facebook & Instagram Software Yet

Learn How We Used Dexter, Our AI Engine, to Generate $200m

Introducing the most powerful optimisation tool for your Facebook & Instagram campaigns… meet Dexter!

Filed was built and designed in a combined effort by our highly experienced marketing team, our in-house data scientists and our hugely talented engineers, all of whom are all totally used to delivering advanced software and ROI-driven marketing campaigns.

Dexter applies artificial intelligence and machine-learning to analyse hundreds of data points every second, maximising your return on every investment and immediately improving your campaign results.

Attract 1000s of customers now

Learn how we used Dexter, our AI engine, to Generate 200M

AI-Powered Optimisation

Build Ad Campaigns 80% Faster

In just a few steps you can create, edit and scale campaigns faster and easier than ever before. With our easy-to-use platform, you will cut down on manual tasks to automate workflow, giving you more time to focus on creativity and the human aspect of your marketing.

Whether you are looking to launch a small Instagram campaign or a high-value Facebook campaign, we provide you with every tool you could need in a single interface. We offer powerful A/B testing, interest targeting, ad creation tools and so much more.

What might take an expert hours – will only take you minutes!

Learn how to build campaigns 8X faster now!

Find out how You’ll be Building Ad Campaigns in 80% Less Time

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Transform Your Reporting

Get a fully-comprehensive insight into how your ads are performing with our powerful Reporting and Business Intelligence suite, built for Facebook and Instagram. Our Data Visualization feature helps you get meaningful campaign insights faster than ever before.

We don’t limit you to the same data that you can see on Facebook displays. You can analyse every minute detail and deep dive into the nuances of your campaign. With easy-to-use, customisable dashboards alongside more than 200 pre-built templates, it’ll be easier than ever to hone in on the metrics that matter to you.

Discover our Reporting and Business Intelligence Suite

Learn how to Transform your Reporting

Data Visualisation

Understand How Seven Star Client Support Will Change Your Business

We are the first marketing automation software that is built specifically with marketers in mind. We know how challenging and time consuming it can be to manage several campaigns. From building, scheduling, reporting on your efforts and optimising for results.

That is why our marketing experts will help you with everything you need, cutting out the hassle and the menial tasks, to build successful Facebook campaigns on Filed.

Experience the latest benchmark in SaaS support

Understand how Seven Star Client Support will Change your Business

Client Support
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