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Unleash the Power of Dexter – the AI Platform we used to Generate $200 million

Filed was crafted in a combined effort by our in-house data scientists, our hugely talented engineers and our vastly experienced marketing team, meaning we developed a highly complex and powerful platform that has marketers in mind.

This technology pushes the boundaries of marketing and exists at the forefront of the AI revolution. Our patent pending algorithms analyse 1000s of data points instantaneously.

Work that takes weeks is condensed into seconds, meaning you not only regain the ability to focus on creative marketing efforts, but you can have complete confidence that your campaigns are running at maximum optimisation.

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Build Industry Leading Campaigns – Instantly

Take the chance to cut above your competitors by exploiting the full power of AI technology. Optimize each aspect of your campaign to ensure each element is running at its most productive level – achieve outstanding results.

Adopt our intuitive, easy-to-use interface –unmatched AI technology blended seamlessly with marketing instinct – the ultimate online marketers’ tool for achieving industry leading results.

Rapidly build, analyse and optimise whole campaigns and effortlessly manage them in one place – your ultimate social media marketing nerve-centre.

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Bespoke Reporting & Analysis Suites for Exceptional Client Satisfaction

Effortlessly visualise your clients’ marketing activities and present them in a simple, easily consumable format.

Gain deeper insights into your campaigns with data you won’t find on the Facebook or Google platform – providing that competitive edge.

Craft beautiful, eye-catching reports that drill down on the most granular of details – allowing you to easily optimise campaigns for results that take you to industry leader status.

Select from over 200 customisable, drag-and-drop reporting templates each tailored to your client’s KPIs and powered by Dexter – complete with autosuggestions for quick campaign fixes.

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Specialised Customer Support – 7 Star Service

Your Client Success Manager will be a marketer, not a salesperson.

Our team has one purpose, Facebook and Google marketing domination. We’ve achieved this for years, day-in-day out – now they’re at your complete disposal. We work alongside you, guaranteeing that your campaigns are fully optimised to satisfy your clients.

We’re about being personable and providing real support. We strive to develop productive, close working relationships. Our bottom line is results. At Filed, we understand this. We’re here to ensure that your targets are met – no matter how ambitious.

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