AI Powered Advertising

Intelligent Automation. Real-time Insights. Unparalleled Results.

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Easy data manipulation
Send automated email reports
300+ pre-built reports

The ultimate marketing solution.
Drive industry leading campaigns.

Let Filed revolutionise your business

Instantly build highly lucrative campaigns taking advantage of our powerful, automated AI optimisation. Utilise the 100s of hours our AI will save you on your strategic planning or even creative.


Reduction in time building and managing campaigns.

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Reduce planning, building and managing hours by 80%

Seamlessly manage and build multiple campaigns simultaneously – and in just one click. Make scaling and optimising your campaigns simple with our hugely complex and powerful AI algorithms.



Generated in revenue from AI powered campaigns.

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We’ve generated $200 million in revenue using Dexter

Dexter will relentlessly create, test and optimise campaigns that easily meet your KPIs and drive you seriously impressive sales – without you needing to lift a finger.



Improved returns on investment within week one.

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Efficient campaigns, intelligent insights, and better results

Dexter analyses 1000s of data points in seconds, then optimising each and every one – condense 100s of hours of manual work into seconds.


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