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How Filed Maximises your ROI with AI Optimisation

Filed augments human capability and so helps you save resource and cost without sacrificing results. Our AI, Dexter, is here to help you optimise all your Facebook and Instagram campaigns in driving performance and consequently lift ROI by up to 50%.

You’ll be in control over a powerful system, designed by our in-house team of AI experts from the world’s leading educational institutions.

Easily Manage your Marketing Campaigns on One Platform

Your team will quickly adapt to Filed’s simple and intuitive Campaign Builder, meaning less training and faster results.

Filed functions as a management tool, so expect improved efficiency.

This means hitting deadlines, delivering results and most crucially freeing up time for strategic planning.

You’ll also be able to A/B test your landing pages, automate ad building and effortlessly visualise and approve complex campaigns – creating a seamless journey from idea to execution.

Advanced Reporting with our Business Intelligence Suite

Choose from over 200 customisable report templates or create your own in minutes with drag and drop widgets.

Access to real-time reports that can be tailored to the individual KPIs of each of your business means the team will be able to stay on top of any changes in campaign performance and make informed decisions in tweaking campaigns to optimise performance all the while supported by our AI, Dexter.

Easily visualise your marketing activities with your choice of branding and logos, exported to PDF, PowerPoint, or sent via scheduled emails or as a URL link.

You’ll be able to update shareholders on real-time campaign progress in minutes.

Customer Support that doesn’t dry up

Real-Time, 24/5 Live Support

You will be supported by a dedicated Client Success Manager, an experienced marketer who will work alongside your team to ensure that campaigns are being correctly structured and optimised to deliver maximum results.

We’re about giving our business partners the right level of support and will work closely with you to understand and develop a productive working relationship.

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