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How Filed Maximises Client ROI Using AI Optimisation

Our AI, Dexter, saves resources and costs without sacrificing results. Dexter optimises all of your Facebook and Instagram campaigns to drive performance and, consequently, ROI.  You’ll be in control over a hugely powerful system, designed by a team of AI specialists.

Clients place their trust in agencies…

…Agencies place their trust in Filed

Maximise Client ROI with AI Optimisation

Filed’s AI saves resource and cost without sacrificing results. Our AI, Dexter, optimises all you Facebook and Instagram campaigns to drive performance and consequently ROI.  You’ll be in control over a powerful system, designed by a team of AI specialists.

The more you use Filed, the more Dexter learns about your campaign goals.

You sleep. Dexter does not.

  • Get the unfair advantage over your competitors
  • Unleash ultra-fast AI optimisation
  • Quickly explore new avenues of potential revenue
  • Complete in-depth campaign analyses in seconds
  • Embrace AI to stay at the forefront of your industry
  • 24/5 Customer Support ready to help

Manage All Your Campaigns on One Platform

Quickly adopt Filed’s simple and intuitive interface to easily switch between client accounts, allowing you to carry out the most effective working practices.

Build campaigns 8X faster with our campaign builder, gaining back 100s of hours to use on strategic planning.

Filed functions as a management tool, so expect improved efficiency in managing your portfolio.

This means hitting deadlines, delivering results and most crucially ensuring a level of client satisfaction from which you would expect to see new business referrals.

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Advanced Reporting & Business Intelligence Suite

Choose from over 200 customisable report templates with simple drag and drop widgets, tailored to the KPIs of each of your clients and supported by Dexter’s AI optimisation insights.

Effortlessly visualise your clients’ marketing activities with your choice of branding and logos, exported to PDF, PowerPoint, or sent via scheduled emails or as a URL link.

Once your reports are set up they update in real time, giving you back 100s hours of time to spend generating new business.

Customer Support that doesn’t dry up

Your Client Success Manager will be a marketer, not a sales person.

We will work with you to guarantee your business gets the best out of Filed, and ensure your campaigns are being optimised to deliver results.

We’re about giving our business partners the right level of support and will work closely with you to develop a productive working relationship.

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