How to Triple Your Facebook Advertising Profit in 2019

Do you have an online business and want to know how to boost sales? In this blog, we are going to talk about advanced tips on how to sell on Facebook, the leading social network in terms of the number of users, with an impressive segmentation capacity.

By the time you have finished reading this blog, you will be ready to triple your Facebook advertising profit for 2019 and make the most of this extremely lucrative platform.

Create an online store on Facebook

While you most likely already have your online store, creating a shop on Facebook is a great way to boost your sales.

Facebook wants the user to stay on their platform, not leave it. If you want to be in favor of Facebook’s complex advertising algorithms, creating an online store on the platform can be a brilliant option for getting the most out of Facebook as a selling platform.

Tools like Ecwid facilitate the creation of the online store on Facebook, so you don’t even to hire a web developer! You can also create your store directly, with a Shopify to link to Facebook.

If your ecommerce site hasn’t been built on Shopify, do not fear. Simply head to the “Shop” format in the tabs of your Facebook page. As soon as you activate it, Facebook will tell you your next steps:

Focus on mobile users

More and more brands are using Facebook to sell products directly from the platform. If you also want to join this trend, it is essential that you notice the changes that the social network is applying. Most of them are focused on capturing the mobile user rather than the one that connects from via desktop.

Many brands have already realised this, which is why most of Facebook’s investment in advertising is focused on mobile users. If you want to sell on Facebook, make sure that you’re going to optimize for mobile!

Use customised Facebook audiences

Website Custom Audiences (WCA)

The Website Custom Audiences (WCA)tool is an excellent choice for e-commerce sales. Through these customised audiences, we get a segmentation that allows us to create retargeting campaigns aimed at users who have visited our website before.

It is an excellent way to display customized ads that are tailored to the journey that each user has made on the web. Facebook allows you to retarget your potential customers by offering the specific product that was viewed, or potentially a complementary product.

In addition to increasing sales, this type of advertising on Facebook allows you to attract relevant fans (since they have been interested in our brand) and increase web traffic (as we will increase recurring visits).

Also, if you are looking for a conversion, do not forget the importance of having a well-structured product landing page for the user who has browsed your website. This is your second opportunity to sell, and you cannot waste it!

Take advantage of Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic Ads

The Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) feature allows you to promote all relevant products in a catalogue dynamically and automatically. Thus, you can easily promote the most relevant products to those users that access your catalogue.

The advantages of the Canvas format

In line with the above, the Canvas format of Facebook has helped to further enhance ad visibility and user friendliness from mobile devices. It‘s about its native size, a new form of advertising in full screen, that makes it so effective at showing a wide range of products in your catalogue.

It is an immersive advertising format adapted for Android and iOS with the purpose of helping the user to easily see the catalogue of products before going to the web to buy them.

Other upward trends in Facebook

In addition to all this, it is essential to consider the trends and new tools that Facebook makes available to enhance our business.

As you may have noticed, video is taking more and more of a front seat on social media, so it should be exploited to the fullest. If you do not have the budget or equipment to create great videos, remember that there are always options such as the generation of videos through presentations, for example.

On the other hand, although Google remains the leader in these terms, Facebook already generates 2 million searches a day. Keep that in mind! Keep an eye on trending keywords in your industry to see what terms your target audience is searching for.

Strong bet on Instagram

Finally, it is essential that once you have everything well-organised on Facebook, you start promoting more and more Instagram, as it’s the social network where the new generations flock to. What’s more, its favourite shoppable post, that allows the direct sale of products from the platform, is fully integrated with the product catalogues of Facebook.

Invest in advertising, and you will notice the difference!

We often think that social networks are free, that the only thing we need to invest is our time to get results. However, we can not forget that time is money and, even more critically, that Facebook is getting more and more complicated when it comes to getting our publications seen by our fans organically. For this reason, and because we want you to know how to maximise the effectiveness of your campaigns, we recommend that you invest in Facebook Ads.

However, this does not mean that you need a large advertising budget, you can start with small tests to see what really works, so that your campaigns are streamlined and proven to work.

Other Advanced Strategies

By employing the 5 steps that we set out below, you can create an advertising strategy appropriate to your business and, therefore, possibly triple your profit!

1. Analyse the Current Situation

The first thing you have to do before starting any campaign is to analyse your current situation. Ask yourself the following questions:

Or, you could find out by listening in on what your target audience is saying.

Some of the answers to your questions could be:

Let’s give a concrete example, so we can refer to it throughout this explanation:

“We’re a travel agency, and we want to increase our sales. We have verified that our newsletter has a very high rate of conversions, so we want to improve our database. We also know that the conversion in our physical premises is still high, so improving our notoriety for the summer/high season will also help us.”

Starting from here, we already have a more precise context and solid objectives, so now we can begin to define our campaigns. In this case the most appropriate goals would be:

2. Define the basics

3. Define the content

You have already established:

Now, you have to think about the type of content that will ensure that these goals are met. To determine the content, we recommend that you have the following information at hand:

We are going to set out an case study, continuing with our previous example of our travel agency:

4. Start with the configuration

Now we can define the content and create a set of ads for each of our campaigns. Each ad has its own copy and creative elements.

Facebook recommends that your ad sets have 4 to 6 different creatives. Then, we can start the configuration of our campaigns in the ads administrator for Facebook ads.

To define which platform our ads will appear on, we recommend choosing the ‘automatic placement’ on Facebook. This is a Facebook-powered AI algorithm, which optimizes and determines the combination of platforms that will display the advertisement.

Once you have results from running the automatic placements, we can identify which platform is more profitable and then, after careful analysis, manually choose and distribute the budget for each of them.

For example, they could be:

5. Analyse results and keep optimizing

Finally, it is essential to optimise campaigns from day one. See what works and what doesn’t, so that you can optimise every single element of your campaign and maximise your ROI. As always, we recommend performing different tests until you find the formula that fits your brand best, since each one works differently. Always be testing!

Do your Facebook ads perform well? Let us know in the comments below. We can possibly help you on this, so don’t miss out on the opportunity!

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