Marketers considering Facebook Campaigns

How and Why to Boost your Facebook Page Likes

With over two billion users, Facebook is the most widely used social media platform by quite some margin, and this alone is justification to address the importance of a Facebook Page Like strategy for your business, whatever the industry.

Facebook offers a huge potential audience for whatever type of business, and already makes up a significant part of the marketing strategy for existing brands.

However, businesses should consider the fact that there are over 80 million active Facebook Business pages on this network! That’s a lot of competition for those all-important likes.

Facebook User Stats

Any marketer understands the value of quality Likes and how this impacts sales and revenue. If you are still in doubt about these numbers, let me give you an idea of how impactful Likes can be.

Remember: getting more Likes will require you to share content that is truly likeable, and engaging to your audience, making your brand likeable too.

To start with, it is important to clarify that there are two types of Likes across this network: page Likes and Likes on updates. Both are equally important, but for this post, we will focus on the first of these: Page Likes.

Here we will give you the best tips on how to create the high-performing Facebook Like campaigns.

A life in Likes: a little history

Likes are the fuel of the Facebook machine, the tool that defines organic reach, and the tool that Facebook uses to recognise User Value to target ads to the right audience. Without a doubt, Likes are important.

Facebook introduced the Like button back in 2009, and it quickly became the crucial currency of the network – people became addicted to Likes as a form of social proof, popularity, and importance.

Everyone responds to them: you know how it feels whenever you get more likes than expected on a post!

As soon as brands started to flood the network in response to Facebook’s growing user base, Likes also became a key metric for businesses. It’s harsh, but in Facebook for business, you are no one if no one likes you, especially when it comes to branding.

Using Facebook Ads to Gain Engagement

Using Social Proof to Grow your Brand

Likes give your brand social proof … as many of you will likely know.

If you’re not familiar with social proof, it is essentially the concept of mass justification. In other words, if 1000s of people buy from, interact and trust this brand, then they must be legitimate and trustworthy.

A page with more than a thousand Likes is instantly more reputable than a page with a couple of hundred. Users see this as confirmation that this particular page is real, relevant and worth engaging with.

Gain Exposure to impress potential customers

A person who Likes a given page is more likely to view content from that page and return to it on a regular basis. That means free, organic engagement with your brand which can convert into sales.

“When someone Likes a page, any image or status updated posted by the business can show up in the person’s newsfeed, meaning that they will access this information as soon as they log on to their account.”

When boosting your likes, you can increase your exposure to the friends of people who’ve already liked your page, since your profile will be linked to under the information section of any follower’s account. This means that, when you boost for likes, you usually come up under the friends of followers section in the newsfeed as Facebook will associate your business against those with similar interests.

Filed Marketing on Mobile

Instant insights into who your customers are

A Facebook page with a decent number of followers can serve as a free, real time, focus group for the online business.

When announcing a new product, or a new promotion, or even sharing regular updates, the number of Likes and engagement overall will give you insights that no survey  could ever do.

This can be incredibly useful when determining future products and marketing strategies.

Once you develop a good base of followers, Facebook can help you with another very interesting tool that allows you to analyse all the data from your page’s audience: Audience Insights. You can find it in your Business Manager account.

This tool allows you to analyse demographics such as: gender, age, relationship status, education level, job title, which pages they like, where they live, and information about their digital activity across Facebook.

Facebook's Audience Insights Tool

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Create a Successful Page Like Campaign

These are just a few of the many reasons why boosting Likes can be helpful for an online enterprise.

While there are components of social media and online marketing that deserve a larger percentage of your time, there is no reason why you shouldn’t take a few minutes here and there to try increase your Like count.

Promoting Facebook Likes is very easy, quick, cheap and very effective. You simply need to choose the Engagement Objective and later select “Page Likes”.

Facebook Engagement Campaign

Once you are at the Ad set level, there is no mystery:

  • Select your audience, location and budget/ bidding options as usual.
  • For this objective, we always recommend choosing the lowest bid strategy, until you have enough data to determine how much your audience is worth.

Your ad’s design and ad copy are its most important success factors. Failing to attract people’s attention will impact on your campaign performance.

When creating ad copy, it’s important to include:

  • A description of your company, product and/or service.
  • A call-to-action (CTA). Naturally, the CTA should be to Like your page.
  • Start off with a strong value proposition and tell the user why they should Like your page.

Telling people how they will benefit from Liking your page will usually get you more responses to your campaign. People Like to know what they will get out of this engagement. This means you should always add your main USP to your ad copy.

Tips to get the best Likes in the market

Now that you understand why Likes are important for online enterprises, and how to create Page Likes campaigns from a technical perspective, I want to give you a few ideas of how to build the perfect community of followers for your brand.

1. Audience Optimisation across different countries

Of course it depends on your objective, but if you want quality leads and a high volume of  page likes, working with both ‘cheap’ and ‘expensive’ audiences, side by side, can give you great results. Therefore, best practice is to mix audiences in a Facebook like campaign for additional results, for example 1000 from a country with a low cost-per-result (CPR), topped up with Likes from your target country, which might often have a higher CPR.

2. If you know your audience, don’t be afraid to target them!

If your business is new, a broader audience might be the best approach, however, if you already have a good idea of who your target is and what their interests are, then a new approach should be better.

A cross -section of targeting can allow you to capture otherwise different audiences that share a common interest, expanding the possibilities for who could potentially Like your page, while sticking to your main interest.

For example, let’s imagine you own a Bicycle shop that also has a café inside. You would probably be interested in cross-section targeting like the below:

3. Using Lookalike Audiences to Improve Campaign Performance

After developing a good audience that Likes your page already, we would recommend starting a new Page Likes campaign with lookalike audiences. That way you don’t have to “guess” their Likes and interests; Facebook will already have more insights than you do, to help get your page to the right user.

The same principle works for custom audiences based on website visitors, that can be easily created through your Facebook Pixel – as long as it’s installed properly.

4. Don’t underestimate the value of videos for users across Facebook!

Videos are the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tool: this is why Facebook is pushing it so much.

User behaviour on the platform has changed over the years, and video formats are the ones that most users engage with. Therefore videos are a huge opportunity to present your brand and products.

Videos are usually the best option for page likes. Peoples’ first reaction – after watching a video – is usually to follow the page.

5. Optimise for mobile

If your budget is low, you should optimise your campaign just for mobile devices. Most people access the Facebook platform on their phones, so this should be your number one placement.

6. Good Ad Copy give you wings!

Remember that your ad copy informs viewers first impressions of your brand. When you give an incentive through your text and headline, the chances of that user will be more engaged with you, are always higher. Something Like “free tips” or “free advice” are great ways to convince them to Like your page.

Remember to show the benefit you provide, be clear and straightforward, use action verbs, exclamation marks and ask questions to catch people’s attention.

Example of good Facebook ad copy

7. Last but not  least, split test!

Split test ad copy, images, creative formats, landing pages and every aspect of your marketing, so that you can easily understand your results and optimise for performance.

As mentioned above, you can always use Facebook’s Insights and Audience Insights to find useful metrics on your page’s performance.

Page Likes are the first metric that people will use to gauge the credibility of your page and brand, and to entice these customers to progress further down the funnel, you should absolutely put a Page Likes strategy on the top of your marketing priorities list.