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Ground-Breaking Ad Creator Tools

Build multiple versions and variations of the same ad to quickly and effortlessly discover the perfect ad that achieves optimum results – in just one click.

Seamlessly test your ad creatives off against each other to establish your highest converting creation – run ads that guarantee clicks and purchases.

Forget ad fatigue and underperformance as Dexter intelligently and automatically transforms tired ads into fresh, irresistible variations.

Optimise Landing Pages – Optimise for Results

Filed goes beyond your ads. We optimise every element, every aspect of your campaign from the ground up – your landing page included.

Use our bespoke Smartlink feature to easily split test traffic for different landing pages – seamlessly find the page that pushes the user to purchase.

Turn your campaigns from industry average runners into flexible, adaptable operations that automatically directs the ideal user to the ideal page – maximising purchase rate.

The Ultimate Ad – Courtesy of Dexter

Our ground-breaking ad rotation feature keeps you immune from the silent killer of excellent campaigns: ad fatigue. Stay fresh and relevant in the minds of your audience.

Dexter gives you complete control over your ads. You can choose exactly how many impressions an ad will receive before rotation to a new one – arrest attention and drive repeat purchase.

Unleash the powerful technology we have used to drive over $200 million in Facebook ads revenue on your own campaigns – tailor your ads to each individual user to guarantee conversion.

Effective campaign structures that consistently deliver

Creating the right structure is vital for getting the most value from your Facebook campaigns. With our measured and methodical approach, we can recommend the ideal campaign structure that best meets your business objectives.

Our premium level of support means we’re working with your team to ensure budget is well spent and delivering the most ROI.

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