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Unerringly Accurate Predictive Budget Allocation

Our ground-breaking predictive algorithm anticipates trends and results with frightening accuracy. Dexter will automatically allocate your budgets to highest performing ad sets, guaranteeing optimum results.

No matter what your objective, you can rest easy in the knowledge that Filed is optimising your bidding strategy so that your campaigns deliver for the lowest possible cost.

Dexter is analysing all day, every day. It is your own marketing team – dedicated 24/7 to maximising your results.

Ground-breaking Audience Optimisation

Seamlessly shift budgets across to your best performing audiences. Effortlessly allocate budgets to target the top 1% of converting users.

Dexter AI does the leg work for you, analysing 1000s of data points unavailable on the Facebook platform itself – instantaneously.

Cut through the clutter and ensure your campaigns target the perfect demographics, interest groups, placements and much more – for industry leading results.

Unique Interest Targeting for Leading Campaign Strategies

Dexter analyses each and every one of even the most granular data points and optimises for every single one.

On top of this, the AI adds additional interest targeting layers and automatically explores new audiences using our patent pending machine learning algorithm.

This means Dexter will open up fresh new revenue streams and unveil untapped audiences your industry is yet to reach, propelling you to the forefront of your industry.

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