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Optimise your marketing to increase your ROI

Predictive Budget Allocation

Our predictive algorithm allows budgets to be automatically moved from under-performing ad sets to the best performing ones, thereby maximising results. Dexter will also optimize your bidding strategy to help your campaigns deliver according to the objective you select.

Dexter analyses your campaigns all day every day. It’s like having an additional marketing team on your side whose sole focus is to maximise your results and meet your targets!

Predictive Budget Allocation

predictive budget allocation

Audience Optimisation

Optimise your spend and automatically shift budgets across the best performing audiences for your campaign.

Dexter AI will do the hard work for you and analyse performance across different time periods, considering everything from targeting, demographics, interests, placements and devices to find which of your ad sets convert best and applying this logic across your campaign.

You’ll have full control over Dexter, so you can optimise automatically or manually.

Audience Optimisation

Interest Targeting that will make your Campaign Strategy Unique

Our AI is built to go above and beyond what you could normally achieve with Facebook. Not only do we optimise for every data point available to us, we add in an additional layer of interest analysis using machine learning algorithms.

What this means for you, is that you can expect Dexter to reveal new interests to you, that will help you identify unexplored audiences and consequently gain new avenues of potential revenue from your campaigns.

Interest Targeting

Big Data manipulation
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