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Filed Takes Mediocre Campaigns – And Makes Them Spectacular

Dexter uses AI software to drive performance and lower costs. Using a combination of Filed’s marketing experience and big data analytics, our system generates recommendations to deliver industry leading results.

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Use the strategies developed by market leading experts

Dexter Labs offers insights into how the best marketing teams in the world work. It will come up with structural improvements, new audiences ideas and even access to our proprietary hidden interest technology which ensures you are targeting the cheapest relevant interests.

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Track your advertising health

Dexter Health uses Natural Language Processing to measure the sentiment analysis on your ads and similarities to your landing page which can help lower your costs significantly. It also lets you know when your landing page is down and how your ads are doing compared to others in your industry.

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Advanced Optimisation Settings

You can control how you want Dexter to help you with our auto-pilot mode. This lets you experience the positive results of Dexter before feeling comfortable to go fully automated.

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Brands see amazing results with Filed

Filed gives you the competitive edge you need. Drive incremental uplift, efficiency and volume. No trade-offs.

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