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Marketing, Ecommerce, and Influencer software that helps your business grow without compromise.

Unleash the Power
of Dexter

Our AI, Dexter, cuts costs without sacrificing results. Dexter automatically optimises all Facebook and Instagram campaigns, driving performance and ROI. You’ll take complete control over a hugely powerful and complex system, designed by top AI specialists. The upshot? Easily drive industry leading results.

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Manage Your Campaigns in One Place

Adopt Filed’s intuitive interface and easily navigate your client accounts. Build campaigns 8X faster and take back 100s of strategic planning hours. Utilise Filed’s management tool function to improve efficiency in managing your portfolio. You’ll hit deadlines, deliver results and, crucially, ensure client satisfaction to generate new referrals with complete ease.

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Advanced reporting

Your reports automatically update in real time, allowing you to take back precious hours needed for attracting business. Build bespoke, hand-crafted reports that you can schedule easily to be delivered to your clients – for sure-fire client satisfaction. Select from over 200 customisable, drag-and-drop reporting templates each tailored to your client’s KPIs and powered by Dexter.

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Specialised Customer

Your Client Success Manager will be a marketer, not a salesperson. Our team has one purpose, Facebook marketing domination. We’ve done it for years, day-in-day out – now they’re at your disposal. We work alongside you, guaranteeing that your campaigns are fully optimised to satisfy your clients. We’re about being personable and providing real support. We strive to develop productive, close working relationships.

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What makes Filed unique?

Marketing software that helps your business grow without compromise.

AI powered optimisation

Utilise AI software to drive performance and lower costs. Using our marketing experience and big data analytics, our system generates recommendations to deliver industry-leading results.

Advanced reporting

Create in-depth, user-friendly reports that provide deep insights into the performance of your campaigns, across all platforms in real-time.

Easily managed interface

Your team will quickly adapt to Filed’s simple and intuitive Campaign Builder, meaning less training and faster results.

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