7 Clever Uses for Facebook Carousel Ads

Are you looking for more creative ways to advertise on Facebook? Well, look no further, because Carousel is your answer!

Carousel is a great way to spice up your ads because it lets you add 3-5 images or videos in one Ad Post. Also, according to Facebook, Carousel Ads have a 20-30% lower cost per click (CPC) than traditional single-image Ads… meaning a more interesting Ad will also save you money.

In this article, we’ll give you 7 clever tips for how to start using Carousels in your Ads.

1. Show off your product


A great place to start using Carousels is to show off your product. Because you can use multiple photos, you can highlight different features or details. Check out how Mini Cooper shows us everything about their new model, from steering wheel to boot.

Or check out how WeWork shows us the different features of their services.

2. Show off your product catalog


With multiple photo in one Ad, you can show off multiple products at once. Either items in the same category, or different items from across your catalogue. See how MVMT Watches shows off their top three styles for us to choose from.

And see how Foodpanda shows us the variety of cuisine options available.

3. Show off how to use your product


If your product’s best angle is when it’s in use, try a Carousel Ad to show the step-by-step guide of how to use it. Tesco created a Carousel Ad to show us how to decorate a cake with their candies.

4. Give a tour


If your product or service is more complicated to use, try using a Carousel Ad to walk customers through it step by step. For example, if you’re selling an app, give a virtual run through of how it works, like ToyBlast.

5. Tell a story about your product


Carousel Ads are a great way to tell a story to your audience and show them how they’ll benefit from your product or service. Check out how Project Repat shows us how their quilts make memories.



6. Share multiple books, articles, or publications


Do you have content to promote or would like to promote different ebooks in one Ad?

See how Next Issue advertises their different available titles.

7. Turn your Ad into a game


Carousel Ads are a fun way to engage your audience. You can use Carousels to make a game out of your Ad pictures. Check out how J Social makes a “spot the difference” game out of their Carousel Ad.

GrabTaxi has a great Ad campaign challenging users to “Spot the Sweaty Boy” in their pictures. This could easily be used in a Carousel ad.

Advanced Tip: Create a wide image to keep people swiping

(apply this to any of the above-listed examples!)


How to:

Take your widescreen image, or panorama, and by using a simple photo editing tool, like Microsoft’s Paint or Apple’s Preview, cut the image into 3-5 equal square slices (600×600 pixels). Each image gets uploaded separately in your Carousel, and gives the users a small preview per swipe.