Campaign Builder


In just a few steps you can launch, edit and scale campaigns faster and easier than ever before.


Whether you are looking to run a small Instagram campaign targeting your local customers or a huge international Facebook campaign, we provide you with the tools to do it as easily and as fast as possible. What could take an expert 5 hours, will only take you 5 minutes!

It will help you…


  • Create highly organised campaigns in minutes
  • Increase Number of Conversions
  • Drive More App Installs
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BI Reporting


Gain a greater understanding of how your ads are performing with the market’s most powerful BI reporting for Facebook and Instagram.


We don’t just limit you to the same data that Facebook shows you, our reporting will enable you to analyse every single detail and deep dive into your campaign with the most beautiful reporting system available in the market. Our easy-to-use dashboards can be fully customised as much as you like to show you exactly the data that you care about the most at just a quick glance.

It will help you…


  • Create intuitive reports using our easy to use dashboard
  • Build all the information and insights you need in minutes
  • Build beautiful reports for your company, teams and clients
  • Schedule, automate and send out bespoke template reports

Dexter - Artificial Intelligence Optimisation


Sit back, relax, and say hello to the most powerful optimisation tool for your Facebook campaigns... Dexter!

Designed by our greatly experienced marketing team, data scientists and talented engineers, applied with artificial intelligence it can take your campaigns to the next level. Dexter analyses 1,000’s of data points and with machine learning Dexter can maximise your return for every penny spent…

It will help you...

  • Achieve a greater Return on every penny of ad spend
  • Maximise your conversions
  • Save time and money to get the results
  • Leverage Facebooks Data
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AD Rotation


Ad fatigue is often known as the silent campaign killer!


When everyone in your target audience has already seen your ad many times, it becomes more expensive to achieve the results that you are looking for. Fortunately you’ll never need to worry about this with our Ad Rotation feature. Create several variations of your adverts and we will rotate which ones your customers get to see.

It will help you…


  • Keep your advertising schedule looking fresh
  • Make sure your customers are engaged to avoid ad fatigue
  • Show the best performing ad at all times
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Split Testing


Testing is the key to success on Facebook ads and our software is built with one Goal in mind for our users Results.


  • Identify automatically which ages and genders are most likely to yield better results
  • Highlight which interest keywords are the best match with your target audience
  • Discover which devices your customers are using and on which platform they see your ads
  • Understand your customers’ key demographics and behaviours

Dexter’s artificial intelligence will then automatically split test all of your variables for you and optimise accordingly.

It will help you…


  • Pinpoint exactly who and where to target your campaigns
  • Manage and optimise your budget to get better results.
  • Improve performance from your ad spend!
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Agency Client Management


Are you an advertising agency or even a freelancer managing your clients’ campaigns?

We know how difficult and time consuming it can be to manage several clients at once. That is why we are the very first Facebook and Instagram advertising software to have developed our system for the Agency in mind.


Keep your clients organised with a management system to assign particular users to ad accounts. Build and schedule beautiful reporting with your own designs in any format to send to your clients.

It will help you…


  • Manage your clients more efficiently and securely
  • Control who in your organisation does what
  • Create bespoke reporting and presentation templates for your clients
  • Schedule reports to be sent in your own designs

…and there’s more!


Our tiered multi-user access allows you to add co-workers to collaborate with you on your account. Choose whether a user has ‘read only’, ‘editor’ or ‘admin’ access with personalised permissions options for each user.

Import Existing Campaigns

Have an existing campaign on Facebook that you would prefer to use? Don’t worry, we will take your old campaign and rebuild it in a structure that will allow your business to scale with ease. It’s quick, it’s simple, and it will help take your existing campaign to the next level.


Learn everything there is to know about Filed with articles, video guides and much more. Whether you are learning from scratch or you just need a reminder how to use our software, there is plenty of information and guidance to receive with our University.


Help is there for whenever you need it. 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our fully trained experts are here to help you whether by our ticket system, email support, live chat or account managers. We will go above and beyond to make your Facebook and Instagram campaigns a success! Look at us as an extension of your marketing team.

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